From Frustration to Success: How We Boosted Website Traffic and Won Lucrative Contracts by Improving SEO Performance

Any business with an online presence must have a search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy in place. It’s the process of making adjustments to your website so that it ranks higher for a certain keyword on search engine results pages (SERPs). Local SEO is essential for businesses that want to flourish online because organic search accounts for more than half of all website traffic. But what happens if your SEO efforts don’t result in what you were hoping for? We’ll look at how we took over a website from an award-winning SEO firm and increased website traffic by 5 times, resulting in lucrative contracts, in this post.

The problem with the existing SEO company and strategy.

This website was not functioning as intended when we first took over for another company, there were counless indexing issues with Google’s search bots and basic website functionality wasn’t working well. Despite having a good reputation, the website’s traffic was static, and it did not rank well for pertinent keywords. Our client was discouraged and contemplating giving up on SEO completely after working on it for 10+ years with no actual results.

The Method We started by carefully examining the website’s SEO performance. We looked at the content, backlinks, technical SEO, and more of the website. We discovered numerous areas for improvement based on our investigation. Some of the actions we performed to raise the website’s SEO efficiency are listed below:

Conducting In-Depth Keyword Research

To find the most pertinent and popular terms for the website, we carried out extensive keyword research and competitor analysis. This aided in our understanding of user searches and the most effective keywords for bringing visitors to the website, we could also determine how our competitors were achieving such high traffic numbers and getting enquires, using this information we could reverse engineer an effective keyword list in collaboration with our client’s highest ticket contracts for bet return on investment .

Enhanced Web Content

We carried out a complete overhaul on the website’s content and rewrote all focus pages to improve the website’s content, we also focused on adding pertinent keywords and improving usability. We made sure the website’s pages were simple to navigate, had distinct headers and subheadings, and offered users useful information. We also greatly improved the speed of the website by optimising the code, compressing images and caching pages to get the page load times as fast as possible.

The previous SEO company were buying cheap backlinks form India and Nigeria which caused 90% of the website’s traffic to come from those countries, which is not ideal when the company and their clients are in the UK. We developed high-quality backlinks from high-quality, UK based websites that were related to the website’s topic. We made sure the backlinks came from reliable websites and contained pertinent keywords.

Improved Technical SEO & Local SEO

We looked at the technical SEO of the website, as well as its speed, crawl-ability, and mobile adaptability. We corrected technical problems that were degrading the website’s SEO effectiveness.

Analysed and modified the SEO performance

We frequently checked the website’s SEO performance and made any necessary improvements. This assisted us in determining what was effective and what need improvement. This includes regularly checking for broken links, slow-loading pages and more.

The Outcomes

We noticed benefits after putting our SEO plan into practise within just a couple of months. The amount of visits to the website doubled during the first two months, and by the end of the first six months, it had grown by four times as much. The results were outstanding, and our client noticed a substantial boost in leads and conversions. In actuality, the rise in traffic directly resulted in a number of successful contracts, which more than covered the cost of our services.


All business online need at least basic SEO, but it can be difficult to do it well. Even SEO firms that have won awards occasionally fail to live up to expectations. Yet with the appropriate strategy, you can make things better and get important outcomes. We were able to 4x website traffic and result in some highly valuable contracts by conducting in-depth keyword research, optimising website content, constructing high-quality backlinks, increasing technical SEO, and monitoring and adjusting SEO performance.

Get out to us if you’re having trouble with your website’s SEO performance and let us assist you get the outcomes you deserve.

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