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Clients needs and our solution

Kitt Offices are a leading commercial property management company based in London who have a number of sites across the capital. They were looking to develop their paper material usually given out to clients into an online version which is immersive and engaging to increase brand awareness and, to give customers an idea of the properties before viewing them in person. 

We wanted to make sure it wasn’t as static as a traditional estate agent’s website so Kitt developed an engaging video which clients will land on as soon as they hit the page. This is an engaging part of the site but we only run a short clip to keep the site moving to keep the visitor interested. 

The site was developed without a CMS to be ultra-fast and responsive and to accommodate the bespoke functionality we wanted to use. 

This includes interesting grids and engaging JavaScript based accordions which show you each level of the properties as you go though the site. We also included 3d renders of the properties to make it even more immersive. We also built out a custom map with icons and directions so you’ll be able to find the properties with ease! 

The site is a clean and contemporary example of our wok and we’re proud to have worked with Kitt on numerous projects over the last few years.



Website Redesign
Bespoke Floor Plan Galleries
Ultra-fast loading times

Bespoke Functionality

We designed and built out a bespoke accordion system which brings you though the site floor by floor. It’s a modern and intuitive take on traditional estate agent websites and floor plans. 

Easy to use for all vistiors

Code written from scratch

Modern take on dated functionality

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