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We started by hosting and maintaining the owner’s websites, and then we built new ones together. Our long-standing relationship led to our latest challenge: building a new luxury villa on Corfu’s coast. This villa has six fancy double bedrooms and a prime location. It promises relaxation and Grecian charm. It’s not just another property. The company needed a special website that reflected its elegance and showed people what they could expect.

Our approach was multifaceted. We made the site to show the luxury and peacefulness of the villa. But aesthetics was only half the battle. We needed the website to be functional, user-friendly, and optimised for bookings. To make it easier, we combined easy-to-use navigation, simple booking, and mobile-friendly designs. The villa was ready to welcome guests for the upcoming season. Its digital counterpart showcased the harmonious blend of design and functionality. It also captured the spirit of Corfu’s coastline.



Website Redesign

Modern website for a new build

Taking inspiration from the Greek properties with a luxury twist, we built out a minimal yet luxury feeling website which suits the properties aesthetic.

Easy to navigate and full of features

Easy booking system integrated

Contemporary and easy to use website

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