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Mr Wardrobe is a luxury fitted wardrobe designer and installer based in West London who were looking to improve their website.

The problem was, the team they had decided to go with to complete the website did not have the high-standards that Mr Wardrobe had and spent months going back and forth on revisions but couldn’t quite get it right. This was from everything to spacing and margin issues, inconsistencies throughout the site, responsiveness on mobile devices and fundamental issues with the website.

We explained it would be quicker and cheaper to re-build the site from the ground up and, learn a lesson from using the cheapest developers available. We managed to get the site build from scratch within 7 days, this was to an exceptionally high standard and with the most intricate details ironed out. This is a vast difference to the months it took to deliver a half-finished website.

Since building this site, the owners have given us two more websites to develop (but on a longer timescale) along with a number of SEO and Local SEO marketing strategies to help expand their luxury-construction empire across London and the UK.




Website Build
Local SEO Strategy
Conversion Rate Optimisation

Pixel-perfect on all devices

With an eye for details, we managed to blow the previous developer’s work out of the water to get every detail perfect on all devices. 

The way we make sure it’s possible without spending hours going through the site is building out templates for every section on the site and vigorously testing them before rolling out across a bigger website. This ensures everything works and we can get it finished in a sensible timeline. 

Responsive website across desktop, mobile & tablet

Luxury feel with consistent perfection

Contemporary and easy to use website

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