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Pro Taxman is a London-based accountancy firm who have been thriving in the local area, but they wanted to put a modern spin on their website and branding while making sure their previous SEO efforts were not in vain, as this can be somewhere web design agencies slip up and make critical errors by replacing pages they shouldn’t when launching a new website.

We took inspiration from a few websites our client liked and put together a new branding package along with a design for the website.

Working collaboratively with the client we updated a lot of the copy and we helped improve the website’s internal link structure, on-page SEO and implemented an API feed from an accountancy software to publish live news and events along with calendars and paperwork their clients might need to help with their accounting journeys.  

We’ve helped convert more customers and improved their local search ranking from our efforts. The website design is a hit and we’re looking to help improve the local SEO results further in the future. 



Website Redesign
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Modern spin on a dated website

Taking inspiration form a few websites the client sent us, we used the original website’s content and sitemap to build out templates for services and products to create a modern and robust website which will help the client improve conversions for years to come. 

Easy to navigate and full of features

High-converting pages which get leads

Contemporary and easy to use website

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