Get your business to the top of Google with our SEO specialists

Our SEO specialists focuses on industry-specific research and data analysis to discover how your target audience can find you in the most cost-efficient way. Helping you rank higher on Google so the right people can find you.

We work with a holistic aproach and start every project from the foundations up, to ensure a sustainable and scaleable SEO strategy to generate more and more business for your company.

Tried, tested & proven SEO

Your business can benefit from pre-qualified organic traffic, landing on your website looking for exactly what you’re offering. What a dream! 

SEO is a long-term, sustainable and scalable marketing tool which, in the long term is more affordable than other digital marketing techniques. 

The quality of clicks you’ll get from our SEO is superior to others due to how our strategy works. We target keywords with intent to your service or product, meaning the traffic is pre-qualified and ready to pay you.

Highly targeted traffic with intent

Sustainable and scalable marketing

SEO Specialists

Keyword research & competitor analysis

Researching your company & competitors to find niche keywords and phrases for your business to help reach your customers. 

Fundamentals first approach to SEO

Our SEO plans start with a foundation level overhaul of your website including optimising meta data, site speed optimisation, page hierachy and more.

Fully autonomous SEO management

From research to implementation, we can completely manage your SEO leaving your to run your business. This includes everything from managing updates, content and reporting.
seo specialist video reporting

Monthly video reporting

We understand paper reports aren’t very engaging and you’re unlikely to understand everything in them. That’s why we put together a short, concise video report and update for you every month, so you understand where your budgets going and the impact it’s having on your traffic.

We’re keen to show you how it works so offering you a free video audit of your website.

Results achieved with SEO specialists

Our client’s average search engine results rankings have increased dramatically since Fourseven SEO strategy was implemented. Leading to higher amounts of organic traffic which is from direct searches, resulting in higher click through and conversion rates, generating new & unrealised revenue for their companies.

image of seo improvement with analytics
image of seo improvement with analytics
image of seo improvement with analytics

Sustainable, long-term growth

Both local and national companies can benefit from SEO specialists – From keyword research to implementation and reporting our team deliver. Most importantly we care about what we deliver and how it effects your business. 

We scale with you

Growing your business means you might pay us more, so it only makes sense for us to deliver results!


"The first 'SEO Specialist' who has actually delivered for me and is consistently generating good sales leads through SEO"

"A one stop shop agency that is responsive, efficient, knowledgeable and friendly"

"Knowledge of SEO is excellent and it's such a pleasure to work with them."

A data driven approach to SEO​

The SEO strategies we use are based on processes that have been trialled, tested and analysed through data driven SEO practices.

This allows us to not only identify opportunities and issues that other SEO companies miss, but to give you the best possible chance at out-ranking your competitors on search engine results pages.

This focused and tailored approach is what sets us apart from factory style SEO agencies, who just stuff keywords in your existing content and buy backlinks from overseas.

Analytically focused, we love numbers

Monthly video reporting is a standard

What's included in our SEO plans?

A Flexible & Agile SEO Agency​

Fourseven are a flexible & agile SEO agency who can adapt to working with larger brands and small start ups. Due to our flexibility, Fourseven Media can quickly and easily adapt to changing SEO best practices and trends.

We have a number one priority to always deliver for our clients, no matter how big or small and additionally are consistently making sure our strategies are in line with Google’s best practices and in line with how their algorithms work.

Small enough to care, big enough to deliver

Compassionate and caring agency

On-top of industry trends & updates

Local SEO specialists and beyond

We help businesses and brands find new clients both on their doorsteps with Local SEO and nationally but focusing on a broader SEO strategy.
No matter who’s eyes your trying to get in front of, we can develop a bespoke SEO strategy to get there with you.

Our local SEO strategies include Google My Business management and updates too so you’ll be easily discoverable on Google Maps for your customers to find you that bit easier.