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How we helped a small bakery out-rank national companies using SEO

Adams Cakes is a small London based bakery that was struggling to gain traction online as they had a dated website and no SEO strategy in place. To help them gain more visibility online, we designed and developed a new website for them, which is modern, responsive and in line with their new branding.

Along side the new website we implemented a bakery SEO strategy that is tailored specifically for their focused niche in decorated cakes. This led to Adams Cakes achieving top positions on search engines for keywords which are relevant and have a solid search intent.

  • The website design plan and design included the goals for the website, the target audience, functionalities, layouts and general feel.
  • The website development was straight forward as it was built on WordPress which has a great structure for SEO and accessibility, while being easy for anyone to update and post blog articles on. We built in some basic functionalities including enquiry forms with image uploading and engaging galleries.
  • Our SEO plan included keyword research, the onpage optimization, the offpage optimization, and the on-going ranking and website monitoring.

How did we manage to rank so well?

We did this by carrying out in-depth keyword research by looking at the average monthly search volume for particular keywords, as well as looking at the competition for that keyword, along with the keyword difficulty to make sure we’re focusing on the least competitive, but highest volume search terms. 

Fourseven also analyse the click-through rate (CTR) for the top 10 results for that keyword in Google, in order to gauge how difficult it would be to rank for that keyword and make sure we’re not wasting time on low converting search terms.

As part of the strategy for Adams Cakes, the team at Fourseven Media spends time working with sources on generating high authority and well ranked back links which act as votes from Google to position the site higher on results pages. These were sourced from cake blogs, baking websites, reporters and news sources, which are all relevant to the site.

Ranking in the top positions on Google for ‘Birthday Cakes London’ is crucial for generating a substantial amount of leads for a small bakery so getting the strategy right first time is imperative. When ranking for keywords such as this with high volume can lead to thousands of visitors to your site weekly, which can lead to profitable conversions. By ranking Adams Cakes for ‘Corporate Cakes London’ we helped to generate enquiries from blue-chip companies who found the site from Google. 

Bakery SEO is one of the most cost effective digital marketing tools because it is long lasting and drives pre-qualified traffic to websites As users have searched specifically for a term the traffic is likely to convert into customers or leads.

How can we help you?

We specialize in helping businesses grow online, and we did just that for Adams Cakes, helping generate thousands of visits per month, leading to multiple daily enquiries  for highly profitable leads. 

If you‘re a bakery or small business owner struggling to gain traction online, we would love to help to get the ball rolling with a free website audit.

First, we will analyze your website to see how it is currently performing in terms of SEO.

This will involve looking at factors such as your website’s title tags, meta descriptions, header tags, and other on-page elements. Next, we will research your target keywords and compare your website’s ranking for those keywords to that of your competitors.

We will also analyze your website’s backlink profile to see how many high-quality links you have pointing to your site.

Once we have gathered all of this data, we will compile it into a report and provide you with our recommendations for how to improve your website’s SEO. We will also provide you with a detailed plan of action for implementing our recommendations.


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